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3 friends stuck inside BlueSG rented for CNY, had to crawl out through window

@jaydenpangg Using all our luck during cny was a bad idea.. 🙌🏻🥰🧧🧧 #fail #sgtiktok #rentalcar #lock #foryou #foryoupage #gg #newjeans #fyp #breakdown #unlucky #meme #CNY2023 ♬ OMG – NewJeans   _______ Pay less for car insurance! Get $100* if you find a quote cheaper than theirs, even if you don’t buy. Get peace of mind […]

Langur breaks and steals side mirror from Honda on CNY Day 2

CNY Day 2 – Bystander pointing camera to this fellow atop trees near the carpark and it sure attracted quite a number of curious folks, it hopped from tree, to the red honda, attracted obviously by stuff inside it, before long, it left its mark with a ripped off left mirror! I hope your car […]

Skill or luck? You decide.

@justinswarley muted the original audio bc i don’t want to kill your ears with my horrendous singing #tiktoksg #cartoksg ♬ original sound – Justin Sng

My landed property parking revenge story

I reported home owners for parking illegally by the roadside after they reported me, a HDB dweller. 5 years ago, the “entrepreneur” in me bought a car with 6 months COE left with the sole purpose of renting it out. There was a period of 6 consecutive days where the car wasn’t rented out, and […]

Rubbish truck reverses into cam car

When your reversing is rubbish. Rubbish truck reverses straight into parked cam car. Happened on 26-11-2022 at Geylang Lorong 8. _____ Car insurance due? Get peace of mind with BUDGET DIRECT INSURANCE. Get full protection with great insurance cover. Use Affinity code BEHCHIALOR to enjoy 5% off premium. Don’t wait, get an instant quote today! […]

Grab Delivery Rider disgusted with $2 only tip during heavy rain

Original by Gary L Yesterday, Raining from 4pm to 12am all the way, No incentives from cb Grab, then shirt, helmet and pants all wet like dog. Whole day only this malay young girl from HDB at circuit road, given me $2 tips, love her But, All stay CONDO and LANDED in JooChiat and Geylang […]