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Refer A Biker Buddy To Budget Direct Insurance To Win Rewards!

Good Things Must Share!  Purchasing any type of insurance usually involves plenty of research, since there are so many options available to riders. This search can often be exhausting, and time-consuming, so why not share a good thing with your buddies by referring them to Budget Direct Insurance? Did you know that you can recoup […]

Avoid Becoming A Victim of Fraud: How Budget Direct Insurance Protects Its Customers

Increasing Number Of Fraud Cases In the last year, there has been a lot of controversy surrounding the growing number of fraud victims in Singapore. Take, for example, the banking-related phishing scams that took place around Christmas of 2021, leading to a loss of over $8 million. As the scams grow increasingly elaborate and sophisticated, […]

Budget Direct Insurance reaches out to concerned customers and employees at competitor’s firm

Source: Budget Direct Insurance Singapore SINGAPORE, 2 March 2022 /PRNewswire/ – News that AXA Insurance Pte Ltd (AXA Singapore) is exiting its general insurance business, has prompted an online insurer to invite concerned employees and customers to get in touch. Budget Direct Insurance has taken the unusual step of placing an advert in the Straits Times […]

Vehicles vandalised at Rivervale Crescent MSCP

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I’ve no idea what’s going on and honestly I couldn’t care less

Pasir Ris Park is a very harmonious place

Cyclists are starting to put some strange things on Lamp Post 1

Missing a cigarette

Same same but different

Thought it’s a new type of taxi at first

Now I’d really like to know what’s on the left!

Which one you prefer?

My grandmother taught me to never put plastic bag over my head

But does she love her Mum?

Oooh pretty colours

This guy is prepared for any pandemic or apocalypse

Ever use this service before?

He really really hates it

Car shows can be deceiving

Dreams can come true when you have family

Wonder how many times it’s fallen off

Otters at the altar

Now I understand why I like bikes so much

Ultimate not-my-job

Pandemic is affecting everyone

Joseph Ponding

Spotted around Singapore during flooding

With friends like that who needs enemies

Not sure if too slippery or just fed up with life

I am this old

Should try in Singapore

That’s cheating

What the hell happened here?

Special parking

He is a driving god

So this guy’s been causing all the problems? Can somebody stop him already please?!

I’m innocent, officer!

Singaporean superheroes assemble!

Are you safe?

Why fly when you can ride

Car go vvrrrooooommm

He got the skills

Judgement is coming, bad road users watch out!

That’s not right…

That’s wheelie unfortunate

Coolness level is over 9000!

Well, he’s not wrong

It does

Never before have I been so offended by something that I 100% agree with

Face off

Best advice I’ve ever seen

First time seeing this

Food delivery can be a dangerous job, please don’t take them for granted.

When a bartender changes job

I’m shocked!


Very innovative uncle, even wears his mask creatively

Only in America

Bruno Mars spotted in MRT?

You may think you’re cool but you’ll never be Guan Yu riding into battle on a motorbike cool

TP wannabe spotted

Another Spoiler Alert!

Do you remember what you saw inside this?

This was my very first driving simulator

The only kind of delivery I need

Malaysia Boleh!

Relationship goals during Phase 2 HA

I’m offended

I miss that too

Why Cap wasn’t in Falcon and Winter Soldier

I’m a blur sotong

The most identity crisis place in Singapore

Good deal?

Now that’s welfare for workers!

This is what an accident report between a plane and a car looks like

Pump petrol get free chicken wings

At least he’s honest

Say my name, say my name

I can’t argue with a prince. RIP.

Why did the chicken cross the road? Because it got a free ride

Does this really work?

Proof that social distancing works

That’s already funny enough

Are you guilty of this?

I always can’t remember

I don’t wanna go back

Best phone rain protection I’ve ever seen

You had one job

On different sides of the fence


Pimp my PMA

Hey pussy, wanna play cat and mouse?

Which one are you?

The last one is the most dangerous

Time to change job

Petrol car go vvvrrrroooooommmm

Long before your time, in the southern province of Singapore…


News flash, don’t try this at home

Someone learnt it the hard way

The only kind of accident I don’t mind

When you’re in a rush to be forgiven

When your parking is rubbish

Great 2-for-1 deal!

Horny Taxi

Toyota has the best car logo. Change my mind.

New type of parking lot?

Happy CNY! Huat ah!

Why you scare me liddat?!

The only proper way to alight from a bus

He’s in deep water now

Airbags are not as soft as you think

Crossing the road in Singapore be like…

Nothing like a good book on those long MRT rides

I miss those days

Let’s all be kinder to each other

Huh? Simi Malaysian floods?

Car prices in Singapore in 1974

History of floods article at National Museum, where’s all the recent years?

It’s good to be the Queen

Fast & Furious vs Slow & Steady

New mode of transport

Too harsh or just right?

Took me 10 secs

Spoiler Alert!

Very original license place

SG vs HK road names

Black Friday Sale!

Are we out in the jungle?

Quite sure this kind of license plate not allowed

We miss F1


Voting in the US is very convenient

Yours bright mine brighter

Singaporeans world’s fastest walkers

The only correct speed

Kiasi or kiasu?

New fashion statement

Early 2000s Ah Beng starter pack

Grab driver seen with motivational quotes written on his sun visor

What kind of driver doesn’t use their signal lights?

Online dating now very sophisticated

Happy Halloween

Oh the irony

KungFood Panda

Accident undo button

Safety and security level 100

Always teach your children to never speed